There are a number of ways in which you could help the valuable work of JOY Hospice and Buwasunguyi Clinic continue and expand.

General Giving

If you would like to be part of Dr Jan’s work in Uganda by giving financially, please print the form Giving to Dr Jan White’s work.


JOY Hospice

Insurance for Toyota Land Cruiser

Fully comprehensive annual insurance for the Toyota Land Cruiser is £1000 (due end of each September ).

Even though we restrict those allowed to drive, the premium is large. Other vehicles on the road are often completely uninsured or under-insured and the insurance companies make sure that they do not suffer loss by hugely inflating fully comprehensive insurance.

  • Would you be willing to ‘sponsor’ in whole or part the LandCruiser insurance?

Staff salaries

The salaries of all government health workers were increased by 30% at the end of July. In order to ‘compete’ with government establishments for staff, we need to raise our salaries.

To give you some idea:

New Basic Salary Previous Basic Salary
Registered Nurse / Clinical Officer /     Lab technician 546,000 USh
(= £172 per month)
420,000 USh
(= £132 per month)
Enrolled Nurses 410,000 USh
(= £129 per month)
315,000 USh
(= £99 per month)

(Other staff, such as nursing assistants, cooks, cleaners, receptionists, etc., obviously receive less than this.)

Our annual salary bill will now be about 200 million USh (= £63,000). We rely on donations from outside of Uganda to cover about 50% of that.

  • Would you be willing to ‘sponsor’ in whole or part the salary of a staff member?

The Samaritan Fund

This is for those patients who are unable to pay.

It is particularly urgent at present because the government has failed to provide us with oral morphine solution.

Recently we had to change all of our patients on to Tramadol capsules which do not give most patients adequate analgesia but is one of the best alternatives available.

Tramadol capsules

Cost per capsule
(‘open market’ price)
Dosage Monthly cost Unskilled labourer earnings
500 USh 2 capsules 4 times per day 120,000 USh
(= £38 per month)
3000 USh per day              (= £1 per day)

When morphine is available:

Morphine liquid

Cost per litre Dosage Monthly cost Unskilled labourer earnings
£2.80 — £4.75 Frail elderly person ½ litre per month £1.40 — £2.40 per month 3000 USh per day    (= £1 per day)
Average person 1 — 2 litres per month Up to £9.50 per month
Young person Up to 6 litres per month Up to £29 per month

  • Would be willing to sponsor in whole or part the ‘pain relief’ of a cancer patient?

Buwasunguyi Clinic

Purchase of Drugs

The drug bill for Buwasunguyi Clinic is about 290,000 USh average per month (= £90 per month)

  • Would you be willing to ‘sponsor’ in whole or in part the purchase of drugs for use in the villages?
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