Dr Janet White, a GP in Witney, Oxfordshire, was sent out from Witney Community Church in 1987 as a medical missionary to Uganda. She has now been working full-time in East Africa for over 22 years and was Oxfordshire Community Churches’ first missionary!

1986 Dr Jan made a “reconnaissance” visit which resulted in her taking a sabbatical from her Witney GP practice. Subsequently, she gave up her post to pioneer missionary medical work in Uganda with Deliverance Churches (DC) of Uganda.

1987 – 1992 Worked with Deliverance Church in Kampala, helping to start and run the J.O.Y. Medical Centre in the Ndeeba district of Kampala.

1992—1993 Took a ‘career’ break to study for one-year Diploma in Theology at King’s Bible College .

1994—1998 Worked with Deliverance Church, Nakuru, Kenya.  During this time, King’s Medical Centre was opened in Nakuru and a small clinic in Masai Mara.

1998 Returned to Uganda. Discussions with Pastor Nicholas Wafula (then chairman of DC Ministries)  and Dr. Stephen Watiti (Director of Medical Services) resulted in Jan being based in Mbale. She reassessed medical work carried out by Drs. Simon & Sîan Gray in the Bukhaweka / Buwasunguyi parishes, 35 km. south of Mbale town.  The road is predominately murram (compacted earth) and is badly rutted, pot-holed and corrugated. That relatively short distance can take an hour or so to travel.

1998 Buwasunguyi Clinic started in rented premises with Dr Jan attending each day.

1998 Members of Oxfordshire Community Churches raised money for a LandRover Defender 110 Ambulance. It was rolled and written off by a volunteer worker and replaced with a used Mitsubishi Delica.

2000 Land for a purpose-built clinic was purchased in 2000, 2km from rented premises.

2000 The purchase and major renovation of a bungalow on Mbale Deliverance Church land into a hospice. This was made possible through two substantial donations from Witney Community Church and North Berwick Christian Fellowship.

2001 The new hospice was inspected and allowed to open on 31st August 2001 as a 10-bed facility.

2003 New clinic built to ring-beam level (a local building technique of casting a concrete beam on top of the brick walls).

2004 The clinic building was roofed in February.

2004 Hospice laboratory completed and staffed.

2005 The completed clinic building was opened on 1st January 2005.

2008 A generous donation enable the ageing Delica  to be replaced with a new Toyota Land Cruiser (with an African specification, i.e., easily maintained).

2009 Through many generous gifts, Dr Jan has been able to purchase her own house in Mbale. (Up till then, she has been living in a rented house.)

Dr Jan is supported financially and pastorally by her home churches, North Witney Community Church and West Witney Community Church, together with other financial support by individuals and churches.