JOY Hospice

“Helping people live until they die”

JOY Hospice is a short distance from Mbale Town Centre.
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Once Buwasunguyi Clinic was established, Dr. Watiti asked Dr Jan to carry out a survey of medical needs in Mbale town with a view to re-starting some medical work. The Director of District Health Services had indicated that there was no obvious need of another clinic in the centre of town when consultants were already running clinics covering general medicine, surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology and paediatrics.

Dr Jan had already been bringing into her home a small number of impoverished village patients who need testing for HIV/AIDS, or who needed more intensive treatment of opportunistic infections in established AIDS. There were also cancer patients in the villages who were dying of unrelieved pain. The obvious unmet need seemed to be for a hospice to carry out palliative care for these cancer and end-stage AIDS patients. A decision to go ahead was taken in March 2000 after discussions with Dr. Watiti.

The purchase of a bungalow on Mbale Deliverance Church land was made possible through substantial donations from Witney Community Church and North Berwick Christian Fellowship. A major renovation took place and the hospice was inspected and allowed to open on 31st August 2001 as a 10-bed facility.

In the 4 months from September 2001, 216 patients were seen of which over 85% were adults. Although the hospice provides a general outpatient service, it has specialised in adults with chronic conditions and patients with cancer or end stage AIDS needing palliative care.

About £25,000 per year (in addition to contributions by patients) is needed in order for the hospice to function.