Over the years, Dr Jan has welcomed many volunteers — some for a week or two, others for up to six months. Their skills have included nurses, midwives, medical students, GPs, administrators, DIY-ers, etc.

If you would like to know more, read Welcome to Mbale and Uganda at a glance (both can be downloaded in PDF format).

An application form for prospective volunteers will be posted here soon. In the meantime, contact Dr Jan direct.

Rebecca (Bex) has been working voluntarily as Jan’s part-time administrator since March 2006. Previously, she had been employed for 10 years as administrator to a GP practice working on 2 sites. Her help has been invaluable. In fact, the work of the hospice and the clinic would not have been able to expand as much as it has without her. In that time, she has trained local lady, Rose to do the day-to-day book-keeping well.

During her 4 years in Uganda, Bex married Moses Okotel and together they have formed their own excellent charity, “Child of Hope Outreach”. That work is also expanding, and Bex feels that she is not doing either the “JOY Hospice” or the “Child of Hope Outreach” work well because there is just too much work with both jobs.

Jan says, “The need for a full-time administrator feels very urgent. There is not enough money to pay a Ugandan graduate a realistic salary and so Jan feels that it needs someone from the UK to oversee and coordinate all the admin with a view to training up a Ugandan to take over in a couple of years.”

You can view the JOB DESCRIPTION here . (It can be downloaded in PDF format).

If you would be able to take on this role, or know someone who might, please contact either Dr Jan or Geoff Norridge

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